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Twitter Pulses with Drama, Grief and Adoration After the Passing of David Bowie

Let me get this out of the way before anything else - David Bowie was an incredible, vital human being and his significance not only in music, but in culture as a whole, cannot be understated. Many pop stars owe some level of their success to following trends which were popular at the time, but Bowie actually created them. His bizarre style was the subject of much ridicule early into his career, but instead of folding to exterior pressure, he just carried on doing his own thing and before long everyone was following him, but rather than becoming bloated with the arrogance of his success, he just kept doing his own thing, uninfluenced by external stimuli. He was a truly extraordinary man.
Late last night, Twitter lit up with rumors that the legendary musician had died. What followed was a strange, morbidly fascinating transitional saga as the responses shifted from outright dismissal to disbelief to shock to acceptance, and then to tribute. The 69 year old had allegedly been contending with cancer for 18 months before it finally got the best of him. His son, Duncan, was the one to break the news, using Twitter as the conduit. A slightly longer, more detailed post appeared on Bowie's official Facebook some hours later.

The shock of the news, combined with Bowie's enormous influence across the globe has meant that hundreds of other famous faces have since taken to social media to pay tribute. Bowie was extraordinarily well connected, he had a wonderful habit of seeking out the people whom he admired, finding ways to either work with them or grant them further exposure. Even beyond that, it's hard to find anyone in or outside of the UK who doesn't love his work, and never has that been more evident than it is today.

Beyond simple written tributes, many have taken the time to share his music, particularly from his latest album, Blackstar, which dropped a mere 3 days ago. A few old interviews have also been circulating pretty widely, and a rather wonderful GIF which shows illustrations of his face through the ages as his styles have changed. It's difficult to imagine how all this could be any more dignified or touching.


Just as an added bonus, and to demonstrate just how widespread the love for Bowie really is, I've asked some of the SMF members to name their favourite Bowie track - here are the results:

Callum - 'Stay' (Station to Station - 1976)


Emma - 'Under Pressure' (With Queen - Hot Space - 1982)

Megan - 'Suffragette City' (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust - 1972)

Jack - 'The Man Who the Sold the World' (The Man Who Sold the World - 1970)

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