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Twitter Move into Hardware with Muzik Investment

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In the past Twitter has made some smart investments with Periscope and Vine but now it's moved into the hardware market and is now one of many investors in Muzik headphones.

Muzik headphones are a new kind of smart headphone that have been in the works for several years now. We first heard about them in 2013 but their CEO has spent a lot of time engineering them to make sure everything is perfect. They've had over 18 million dollars in investment at this point and they're set to compete with Apple's Beats once they start shipping in May.

Muzik headphones are wireless and work with your phone to allow you to share your music on social media. Twitter's investment means the product will be integrated with Twitter but other social media like Facebook will be available. As well as that you'll be able to control your music by touching the actual headphone though obviously that will change slightly when they later release earphones.

Muzik will also have a companion app on the iOS store that will allow owners to integrate the headphones with their iPhone. This is supposed to make playing music and sharing it easier though there are no announcements about an Android release yet.

Whether this will be a good purchase for Twitter has yet to be seen. Their last journey into the music world with Twitter #Music was a failure that only lasted for a few months before it had to be closed down. Twitter claims that music is an area they need to move into as music is the most popular subject on their site, but is giving them a chance to share it like this something that's going to work on their site?

Twitter are going in a variety of different directions right now but as Muzik headphones seem like a decent product, there's hope that they made the right choice this time.

The headphones will be on sale for $299 each and their earphones will be $199.

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