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#Twitter Just Can't Quit The #OregonMilitia #bundyeroticfanfic

Joe My God

It was only a couple of days ago that we posted about the #VanillaIsis tag taking over twitter, and now we have more to share. With the group still there people are just finding more and more ways to poke fun at them. This time it was instigated by the front man of The Decemberists, who tweeted about how he couldn't wait to see all the Bundy erotic fanfic before he followed it up with his own.

It's totally ridiculous and completely hilarious but it also proves how no one is taking this standoff seriously. They're out there trying to prove a point and all the while people on Twitter are joking about what they could be doing behind closed doors.

Colin Meloy was quickly joined by others on the site who were just as happy to make cheap jokes at the sake of these men who, let's face it, clearly don't have a clue what they're doing. They've recently been offered safe passage if they end the standoff by the local sheriff's office only to turn it down. It was probably a pretty stupid mistake considering the group is apparently already falling apart with infighting and reports of some of the group's members leaving to go drinking with the money they'd brought in for their cause.

Unfortunately the locals are still sympathising with the families and a lot of the media still aren't showing this stand off for what it really is. If people on social media are having to take the jokes even further to try and make an impact with the public then at least it's doing it well. With each new fact that's being revealed about the group, more and more fanfic is getting tweeted with the tag #bundyeroticfic.

If you want a laugh this weekend then go and check them out.

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