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TV Chatter on Facebook - Now Nielsen Can Read It Too

Something we all do on social media at least once in our lives is talk about what we're watching. We find a new series that we love and just have to share or we're watching something popular and we just don't get what all the fuss is about. But whether you're a lover or a hater, Nielsen will now be able to find out exactly what you think if you talk about shows on Facebook.

The first instinct is probably to panic and then go and re-read every guilty pleasure you've ever watched and mentioned. But just like on Twitter the details of who says what will not be shared. All Nielsen is going to record is the data : how many people are watching what, whether it's liked or not and how often the show is mentioned as seasons go on and that sort of thing. What television and streaming networks need to know is how their shows are coming across and though they can get amount of views from certain television boxes...there's more than that needed before they can decide whether to keep a show on air or not.

Only a couple of years ago Nielsen talked about how posting about a show online could boost offline ratings and they do kind of have a point. We're more likely to watch something if we know all our friends are talking about it but if a show is mid-season then they probably won't be watching it until after they've stopped counting the ratings. So it doesn't have much of an effect that way. The fact is, Nielsen are not completely certain what effect social media chatter has on TV at all but they know that it must matter somehow. In a world where we all turn to social media to share the things we love and the things we hate, what we choose to post about shows what we actually think about what's on our screens.

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