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The Periscope Summit to End All Summits

Periscope Community Summit
For live streamers, Periscope is a great app to share all of your video needs. Owned by Twitter, the social media platform has recently hit the news with the fact their videos will now appear in the Twitter news stream. People worried that this would alienate any Periscope users and that it shows that Twitter are not planning on expanding on the actual app, but the popularity of a live summit last week proved otherwise.

The West Coast Periscope Community Summit was the second of last year’s events, for some reason being held in January. Anyway the community summit is a user generated event ran by Ryan Bell (ryan_a_bell on Periscope) who wanted to gather Periscope users together to basically celebrate the service and to share what they can do. It's a big event, spread across several days with many different activities, speeches and panels. It's not something that was thrown together in a week by a couple of excited fans, it's a huge event that showcases the best of Periscope and what people can really do on there.

The west coast summit was held in San Francisco where the Periscope HQ is based. This allowed the staff to easily come by to answer questions and the line was apparently pretty long. Not only were they asked questions about the services but in-jokes were thrown their way too and people even knew what the dogs that sometimes hang around the office are called. This displays a true social media community, one where they probably don't all know each other but they at least know about others and have a lot of things in common.

You're probably wondering why we're bothering to report on this, it's just another social media event, but in the grand scheme of things it was important. I've used social media for a long time and I've heard of various fan related meet-ups and events and yes, some of them have made it big but for a platform that could be on its way out its huge. This time the event sold 1000 tickets. That's 1000 users of one social media platform coming together in real life to celebrate it and explore what each other know. It's a testament to the fact live streaming can really allow someone to get to know you that so many people wanted to attend. Social media is such a huge part of most of our lives now and it is something that we want to share and talk about. Knowing that such platforms have this sort of positive following really makes you want to give Periscope a try, or at least recommend it to someone who’s a little more into video than you.

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