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The Best Industries for Social Media


We recently talked about how the different social media sites can be used for business but in that we didn't look very deeply into which industries work best with social media in general.

The best examples are the creative industries. They have more they can create to encourage interaction on different types of social media. Creative industries also have more opportunities to advertise on social media then a lot of other businesses. Whether it's designers or shops are posting their clothes on Instagram, publishers offering book deals on Goodreads or sites like Tumblr and Twitter giving fans the chance to ask questions and find out more about the industry, they all use social media for something.

For many businesses the standard of creative industries on social media is what people aim for.

Your Point Is?

The creative industries are the more obvious ones to use social media but they're not the only ones who are good at it. These days a lot of people won't buy a product without reading a review first and it can help to have a company on social media when people need help. So what other industries do well on social media.


This seems obvious, right? But not all companies seem to realise this. If you're on social media then not only can you share the new technology that's coming out, but you can also quickly inform people of any issues that pop up and open yourself to questions. Technology companies are known for being terrible to get a hold of when something goes wrong but thanks to social media their reputation can change for a new age.

B2C Retail

Business to Consumer retail works similarly to technology when it comes to social media. People want to know the quality of the goods they're buying and they want somewhere to complain if they go wrong. Another bonus that B2C Retail may provide industries with is the chance to share offers. If people know they can use a code to get money off an order then they'll likely let other people know too. Word of mouth is a fundamental part of advertisement when it comes to retail.

Real Estate

This might sound odd at first but what do real estate businesses often work on? Recommendations. Not to mention the fact you can go house hunting from the comfort of your own home these days and have been able to for a while. If you're willing to put properties online with photos and interactive tours and the like then why not use social media as well? You won't be posting in the same way as a B2C retailer but you can still answer questions and show what your company is actually like.


Once again the world of social media can be used to share recommendations. There are more lawyers and law firms out there then you realise and they often specialise in different sections of the law. So social media can then be used by possible clients to find out what they specialise in, if they're currently busy and also what the lawyers are like.


I know a lot of you right now are going to be asking "what?" But in a modern age where a lot of business is done online, social media can help. I spent six months with an engineering company running their website and social media and they relied on it increasingly. You would think the quality of products would get word of mouth out more but social media allows for getting in contact with other companies that could help you broker deals in the future. Plus, once again, you can share photos of finished products and talk about what shows you're going to be at. People might like to think that manufacturing isn't hot on social media but you'd be surprised.

Heidi Cohen
If your industry type isn't on the list then that doesn't mean you should avoid social media. If you use it much the same as these other industries you can make any business stand out. Just make sure you advertise an interesting or unique selling point and you're good to go.

Rosina is a Songbird rookie with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is hoping that Content Writing will turn out to be a good career choice in the mean time! Follow her @RosinaAtSMF

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