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#Sports Fans: #Facebook Wants You on Their New Hub

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For a long time now people have been turning to Twitter during the big games. It feels easier to live tweet a match then it does to post a status. Somehow the 140 character limit just makes it feel less clunky when you're talking about something you're watching. This has been great for Twitter because it's kept people using their app even if there are other things people are finding faults with recently. Facebook want to change that though and they've introduced this feature in good time for the upcoming Superbowl and the end of the NFL play-offs.

To the many readers who might not be fans of American football or just might not have an iPhone, let me tell you what the hub contains so you can imagine how it would work for your own favourite sport.

The hub consists of four tabs that can be easily switched between at any point. The first tab shows the play by play, so all the score info and who did what in real time. It's good if you've had to pop out to do something or you come into the game/match/race or whatever sport you're watching late. The second tab contains all your friends’ comments on the game with the most recent at the top. I feel like an option to have the earliest first could be better for people who missed some of what they're watching but since this is all new, give them time. The third tab contains comments by experts, so if a friend and you are arguing about a foul you can see what professionals think. Admittedly that could also cause more of a backlash but that's something we expect now after Arsene Wenger's most recent comments. The fourth and final tab contains detailed stats for those that are really curious.

This app doesn't seem like it'll work in quite the way live tweeting does but the ability to have more than 140 characters means that if you miss something, it'll be easier to catch up. There's more detailed information available and it will make some people feel more involved in their preferred sports. However you can't exactly share your favourite things other people have said about the game and for some people everything updating so quickly might feel like a bit much, as there is so much to look at. But for people with a few friends who might be a little distracted or have to miss parts for one reason or another, it's a great idea and it'll be interesting to see all the excitement on there during the football world cup in 2018.

Unfortunately the Sports Stadium hub is currently only available to American iOS users but it looks like in the coming years it may well become one of Facebook's biggest features.

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