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Snapchat: ChatV2 and Much More

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In the world of mobile messaging platforms Snapchat is a big competitor. After closing their lens store Snapchat looks to be preparing to release some new and improved features this year. They're apparently already in the apps coding and thanks to the people who developed the Snapprefs module, we know what they are.

You've been able to video call on Snapchat since 2014. You simply go on their chat and when they're in there with you a little button would light up. If you both held it down then you could have a video conversation with them in the main screen and you in a little bubble that you can't see into that easily. It sounded great but wasn't as easy to use as you'd think. Catching people at the exact right time can be awkward, the video can be laggy even if you're only a room apart and the quality of the videos isn't great. Now you can't tell whether Chat V2 is going to fix that but it does look to be improved. Finding the option to send and accept video and audio calls will be easier and rather than a little dot to say they're available, you'll see a smiley face. Also when someone does try and call you a little notification will pop up and you can choose whether to join, listen or ignore. The video window itself looks more like you're traditional video call and it should hopefully make it a little more practical. Personally as someone who was trying and failing to video chat with someone on Snapchat only a couple of months ago I can tell you that this pleases me. I didn't even know you could video call someone until my sister told me and then had to show me how to do it, and I'm not someone who usually struggles with how to use technology.

Video and audio isn't the only feature that's changing on Snapchat as the general chat section is changing too. Like many other messengers you'll now be able to attach images from your phone and send stickers easily. The addition of stickers seems less important in the long run but it does show that Snapchat want to be a general IM as well as a photo and video app. If they want to keep increasing their user numbers then they do need to become an all-purpose messaging app as this update seems to be doing.


It's not yet known when or if this update will be rolled out. It does appear to be too fleshed out to be a test and it is integrated into the app's coding but there has been no official announcement as of yet.

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