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#Selfiexploratory - The Surprisingly Fascinating #Selfie Trend #Database

Trends in selfie taking, that's information worth having in your mind-tank, right? In fact, sarcasm aside, it's actually quite interesting. Whether or not the Selfiexploratory people knew that before they developed the site is somewhat unclear, for all anyone knows they might have been trying to highlight the pointlessness of them (good for them if they were), but it turns out that data about selfies actually has a lot of wider-reaching implications.

The stats are split across 6 major cities - New York, London, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Moscow and Bangkok. From there, the spread of selfies is broken down by gender, age, mood (calm/angry/happy) and feature specific things like open or closed mouth, the tilt of the head and whether or not they're wearing glasses.

As you might expect, young women make up the bulk of the numbers, but that isn't necessarily true everywhere. In Bangkok, the women only just edge the men out, sitting at 55%, whereas in Moscow it's 82% female. In mood terms, a far bigger portion of less happy looking people are in New York, Moscow and London, whereas a big contingent of non-calm looking people are in Berlin, and hardly any are in Sao Paulo. Weirdly, Sao Paulo massively outranks every other city for left and right tilted images, while people in Moscow and Berlin are far more likely to turn left or right, especially those over 25.

What can be gleaned from this sort of information isn't immediately obvious, but it might be fair to suggest that the turned head is more popular among over 25s because of age-consciousness, in some way or another. Also interesting is the fact that the 10-18 age range is far more common in Bangkok, whilst it's virtually non-existent in London. The popularity of tech among the youth of Thailand is no secret, but here in the UK perhaps kids just aren't using Instagram as much anymore.

What is, again, fairly unsurprising is that women still outnumber men in every individual category, you have to get hella specific before you find anything that men do in selfies more than woman, simply because less men are taking them at all. Except for one thing, age. In the over 30 category, it's 54% male, and that slight edge starts to climb when when you break it down into the individual cities -  52% in Sao Paulo, 53% in New York, 55% in Berlin, 66% in London and a staggering 77% in Bangkok. The only outlier is the female dominated Moscow, where women over 30 still make up 68% of the spread.

Spend enough time on the database and you could find even more telling data, especially if you started pondering the connection between nationality/gender and different facial expressions. The database works by combining AI with Amazon's Mechanical Turks cross-referencing tool to analyse the 3,680 photos taken from Instagram, so imagine what else you could find out if it increased its reach. In the meantime, if you really want to amuse yourself, go to New York, then male, then without glasses, and then over 40, and look who turns up (hint).

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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