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Sean Penn Questions El Chapo - The What and Why of This Bizarre Interview

Rolling Stone
If you've been in hiding for the past few months, you're probably El Chapo. See what I did there? It's been hard to get away from the news that the Mexican drug lord has been caught. Again. That story, however, is being somewhat eclipsed by the news that back in October, Sean Penn interviewed him in person, having arranged the encounter through an exchange of encrypted emails.
Supposedly, El Chapo wants Penn to adapt the story of his life for screen, and since his arrest, details of the interview have been going out piece by piece. Weird? Very. Interesting? Decidedly. 

Part of Penn's motivation for doing this was to expose the hypocrisy of the American consumerist market, being that Mexican drug lords are demonised in the media, yet such a huge contingent of cocaine originating from Mexico and South America ends up in the USA anyway.

Even bearing this in mind, there's a lot left to wonder about, Twitter certainly seem to think so, anyway. The hashtag #SeanPennElChapoQuestions has housed some genuinely pertinent enquiries about the nature of the interview and so forth, but it's blossomed into far deeper, more biting ideas about other things the two might have asked each other, like what kind of Just For Men Penn uses in his hair, how they both feel about short people, and whether or not Chapo's coke comes with a Purity Pledge.

I imagine this probably isn't what Penn had in mind when he published the interview, but since he's made it frustratingly unclear why he even did it in the first place, I think it's probably fair enough that people are content to sit back and take the Michael.

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