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NFL Fans Dredge Up Old Tweets Saying Cam Newton Had no Future

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Nobody in their right mind takes expert sports analysis all that seriously, it's a bit like the weather, but even less predictable, upsets happen all the time. Most analysts make no secret of the fact that they make mistakes, but Twitter has ensured that they still get plenty of crap for it.

Typically, it's just a case of quoting or @replying the offending expert and gently reminding them that their predictions about how the week would go were miles off. Twitter has been around for a while now, though, long enough to be able to encapsulate certain entries into the journal of sporting history, and superstar NFL quarterback Cam Newton is one of them.

Over the weekend, the Panthers won the NFC Conference Championship, silencing the Arizona Cardinals 49-15. The Panthers have only one loss on their record this season, and now they're going to the Super Bowl, facing off against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Throughout this undeniably incredible season, Newton has been the star of the show. The 5 year franchise QB has already completed a 296 passed for a career record 35 touchdowns, as well as another 10 on the ground. He's also been giving every touchdown football to kids in the crowd, dabbing whenever the mood strikes him and generally being the most entertaining man in the NFL.

Of course, when he starting out, although many did predict that he was on for great things, others were somewhat more disparaging. Before Newton was drafted, and during his first season, many NFL analysts characterised his early success as a flash in the pan, and suggested that his professional career would be short-lived. Obviously, as far as they're concerned, those wildly inaccurate predictions are old news, but not to Twitter.

Following Carolina's explosive weekend win, fans began sifting through the Twitter histories of said experts, and retweeting all their old anti-Cam material in a bid to remind them just how wrong they were. Most of them were in the process of talking Newton up on Twitter when the posts actually started to surface, and either didn't notice the jibes or simply elected to ignore them. All of them except Matt Miller, anyway, who posted an amusing response, reminding everyone that he is actually allowed to be wrong about things, especially things he said almost 6 years ago.

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