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Meet The New Twitter App That Will Rob You Of Your Time: Stolen!

We've all heard of Fantasy Football Leagues giving fans the chance to buy and sell their sports idols in the hope they can build a winning team, but have you ever wondered how it would work if you could do the same with your most admired social media accounts? Hey, Inc is now offering people the chance to find out exactly how that would work. Stolen! is their latest offering on the IOS market and it's one that a lot of people might consider strange. Linking the app up with your Twitter account gives players the chance to buy, sell and steal the twitter accounts of real people (and companies). Yes people, this really is your chance to own all your friends and favourite celebrities in the hope that you can make some virtual currency off of them.

Screenshot of the iTunes store page.

In concept the app seems quite simple to use but the game itself is fast moving and pretty addictive according to their ever growing body of players. The app is currently only available for Apple devices but in late December they opened a beta to Android users by sending out a tweet asking people to tweet them if they were interested in testing the app. Hey, Inc are also using their Twitter account to share server updates and other things to grab new users attention in a way that you can only assume is supposed to make people laugh.

The company aren't the only people to have turned to Twitter to encourage new users. The app currently requires an invite code from other players and people are using their free codes as a chance to gain more re-tweets or new followers which essentially allows players to form their own network. As well as that, the app gives users the chance to tweet who they've stolen automatically and that'll set up a steady stream of free advertisement for the app itself as people wonder what on earth their friends are tweeting about.

Stolen! is an app that is bound to take up more and more of people's time as it opens up to new users and it adds a totally new twist to what Twitter users can already do. So if you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch or even an iPad connected to your Twitter account then why not check the app out? If you're curious Android user then you're going to have to wait a little longer but this app might be worth waiting for.

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