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Meet the Characters of Star Wars: Emo Kylo Ren and Very Lonely Luke

@VeryLonelyLuke on Twitter

Twitter has always been a great site to play or write a character on and it isn't just the roleplayers who take advantage of this. Over the last few years many different character - or celebrity body part - based accounts have popped on Twitter to entertain a wider audience. So it's no surprise that over the last couple of week two Star Wars accounts have popped up on Twitter.

Meet Very Lonely Luke:

We're not sure who's behind the Luke account but they seem to find a lot of time to tweet and bring their followers joy. The subjects of Luke's tweets vary between the ocean, the planet, his friends and his family. There's not much continuity but it's hilarious anyway.

Now meet Emo Kylo Ren:

Kylo Ren's account on the other hand takes you to the twitter account of a teenage Kylo. He rants about his family and often talks about Hot Topic, Darth Vader and even tweets about Hux and Rey. He talks about things like school and his parents but he's still firmly embedded in the Star Wars universe.

Both of these accounts are similar and yet very different. They reference things from modern life and pop culture that probably don't exist in their universe but because of this the readers empathise more with the characters. They understand the frustration when Kylo tweets this:

As much as they cringe when Luke tweets about not being able to order pizza or an Uber, these tweets read how people might think these characters might tweet but they all have their own tone and style that makes them individual and not just read like some random person trying to be different characters on the internet.

Character accounts like this are a great product of either marketing or fans imagination. No matter the series or fandom you can usually find accounts like this, it's just that these Star Wars ones are some of the best. When you have a few minutes and need a laugh, these are definitely worth reading.

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