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How the #WomenNotObjects Campaign is a Wakeup Call for the Ad Industry

A powerful 2 minute video has been circulating the internet today which is attacking the advertising industry and the way it has used women over recent years.


The video begins by saying in 2015 the maker of the video and ad exec, Madonna Badger, Googled "Objectification of Women."

Lists and lists of adverts appear, all featuring women who are sexualised and objectified.

The video quite openly slams some of the biggest brands and puts them on the spot for how they are using and objectifying women. We're talking about brands like Post-It, Budweiser, Rimmel, Tom Ford and more.

The video doesn't hold back in ridiculing the brands for the messages they seem to be giving off. For example, does wearing Tom Ford's perfume attract women by using the scent of a vagina? Is that what they want us to think? Really?


Similarly, the controversial 2009 Burger King advert where a sandwich = oral sex.

"I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches," says the woman in the video. This brooding sense of sarcasm makes the video even more ominous and powerful.

The video even tackles the way social media (particularly Instagram) is becoming an outlet for these sorts of images and scorns them in turn. The voice over with the image below is: "What goes great with this dish? ... my butt."

The video is almost laughing at Instagram "models," except there is a sense of disappointment and defeat that is hard to see past.

Badger who is a big name in the ad industry herself, knows these images too well. The powerful cofounder and creative director is standing up against a formidable industry: "I want my life to have a purpose," she told Wall Street Journal, "I love my job but I don't want to do it if it hurts anyone." 

One video may not have the power to reframe the mindset of an entire industry and it's recipients, but it might be enough to get people thinking about the messages they are receiving, rather than blindly accepting them. 

Women's bodies are being used to catch the eye of a potential customer. A lot of people will say that men are used in the same way. Yes, we see shots of topless Adonises running across beaches, but we don't see the equivalent of a man doing this, let's face it: 

The final few words were the most poignant of the entire campaign. "I am your mother, daughter, sister, coworker, manager,CEO. Don't talk to me that way."

This finish moves people away from the grey areas of whether the adverts in this video are good or not, and simply says stop objectifying women. It's a strong note to end it on and an empowering one too. The video is definitely worth a watch and the movement is encouraging Twitter users to join the conversation by using the hashtag #WomenNotObjects.

Watch the full video here:

Megan Herdson
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