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#HeyVina is the #FriendFinder for the #ModernWoman

How many of you have tried to use apps like Tinder in the hunt for new friends?

I haven't personally, but I know people who have and it's never led to anything other than a few quick conversations before people move on. You can't really use a dating app to try and find friends but if you're busy or suffer from something like social anxiety, sometimes it can feel like the only way.

Hey! VINA is the new app currently available to try for iOS users in New York and San Francisco and it's app I can honestly say I'd love to see make its way onto Android and across the Atlantic. Hey! VINA takes the format of dating apps like Tinder and uses them instead to help women find new female friends, with a few useful additions that might actually help narrow the app down to people you'll get along with.

What you have to do after installing the app is first connect it to Facebook.  Whether you're looking for romance or friends, it's important that people know you're you and this'll also help provide location data as well as information on people who you're already friends with. You then have to complete a short quiz so the app has the basic information about you down before it starts suggesting friends.

This is pretty average stuff for this sort of app but this one goes a step further and in the following weeks, you'll also be given other quizzes to try and narrow down what you're looking for and the type of person you'll want to be friends with. This means this app does keep giving and the type of women you'll see may vary and change depending on how your answers do. As with all other apps like this there's a messaging system once you and the person have both swiped right and it encourages you to meet up in real life.

It looks to be a pretty neat little app. The interface is quite light with dark fonts to allow for easy reading and everything about it is quite attractive, just how you'd expect an app aimed at women to be without feeling the need to appear too feminine, and thus walling off the non-girly girls.

As the app is still in an open beta there's no information on later releases for Android or in other countries but if you want to support VINA then they also run a website called LadyBrag. Just like the app you connect it to your Facebook and then, ladies, you just post something you're proud you did that day. Logged in or not, you can click the little glasses by someone's brag and vote it up. It's cute, simple and a great way to shout something you're proud of out loud without anything rolling their eyes at you.

Cheers to VINA and here's hoping they'll release more great ideas soon.

 Rosina Brooker

Rosina is a Songbird rookie with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is hoping that Content Writing will turn out to be a good career choice in the mean time! Follow her @RosinaAtSMF

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