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#GoPro Forges A Deal With #Periscope

Is there any deal sweeter than GoPro linking with any live streaming service? It's a match made in heaven for users of the cameras who wish to capture and share their adventure footage. Last year GoPro made a similar deal with Periscope's competitors Meerkat but with Periscope videos now being integrated into the Twitter feed, people are going to want the ability to use better gear on that platform too.

GoPro are the cameras for action recording now. Whether you're recording a sports event, a wedding or mounting it on a drone to record anything else, there's a chance there's something you'd like to share in real time. Before you could only record videos for Periscope on the phone itself and though phone cameras have come a long way from what they used to be, their quality still isn't the greatest for filming. So this deal marks a step away from smart phones and a step into the general media market.

The link currently only works for the Go Pro Hero 4 when it's connected to an iPhone. When you connect the camera with a phone that has Periscope installed, the app will then offer you the chance to broadcast through the camera. You'll be able to switch between the camera and the phone and you'll still see comments and hearts pop up on the app.

However if you need to put the phone away for whatever reason, you can switch the phone screen off and the camera will keep streaming. It's more practical than having your phone set up constantly or carrying it around so this might even make Periscope more accessible... for GoPro users with an iPhone at least. Not only will your video stream if you use the GoPro but it will still save the video to the SD card as usual in case you want to edit later or just make a hard copy.

Periscope and GoPro have hinted that they're planning on showing off this new integration at this year’s X Games so expect to see that blow up the site at some point.

This is all great news for now but until the feature is available on Android phones as well and there's perhaps a cheaper camera alternative it's still unlikely to get that much use. But for those who do have the opportunity, you're going to have some great quality video to stream.

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