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Four Twitter Executives To Fly The Coop

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It has not been a good start to the year for Twitter and things are not looking like they're going to turn for the better any time soon. From reports of a character increase, arguments over users losing their verification, their stock falling and the site going down for an extended period of time things are just going completely wrong. And this weekend marked the loss of four of the company's senior executives as well as Vine's general manager leaving them for Google.

Jack Dorsey posted the announcement on Twitter on Sunday night confirming the departures after the information had leaked.

The company have now lost their vice-presidents of global media, engineering, products and HR. It seems like an unusual mix to all leave at once so what do they know that we don't? Twitter is a huge company and many people still rely on their different services and losing people so high up in these departments could lead to negative changes. Now would not be a good time for Twitter to attempt any of their announced changes but if they take too long to implement them then that could also cause problems. Twitter are stuck between a rock and a hard place and Jack Dorsey is going to have a tough time getting them out of there.

Twitter's COO Adam Bain is going to be taking over media and HR, presumably reporting any other possible staff issues to Dorsey. The current CTO Adam Messinger will be taking over products and engineering with Dorsey by his side as much as possible. These replacements are until Twitter can hire someone new but I'm not sure how easy that'll be right about now. Until then he appears to be keeping as close to the various departments as possible so he can monitor the situation.

Dorsey has also tweeted that he hopes his now former staff enjoy their time off and he seems pretty calm about the situation, in the public eye at least. Dorsey probably has some sort of plan or idea in the works but we'll have to see whether it's more likely to help or hinder the already rocky company.

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