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#FacebookMessenger and Their Plan for #2016

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The year is already off to a great start for Facebook with their Messenger app having officially reached 800 million users each month. This is a massive amount of people who are accessing their messages and taking advantages of all the bonuses the messenger app offers them. 2015 was a big year and they improved on a lot and it looks as if 2016 is going to be another big year for them.

Facebook themselves have admitted that they want messenger to take over SMS messages. Why would you need to text someone when you can send them a free message or more via an app? Well, other than the fact some people don't like Facebook whether you need an account or not, you also have to remember that data can run out on phones and WiFi isn't always accessible. Messenger, and apps alike, are great if you want to message someone in another country or if you want to decorate it with stickers, but for now, texts are still necessary. However, Facebook have always been a company with big ideas so we'll see how far they get this year.

SMS isn't the only thing that Facebook wants to make redundant. They're also planning on making messages the new apps, they've already given people the chance to send money virtually or order and Uber via the app. The next thing they plan on doing is making it so you can order things through Messenger as well. It's an almost scary thought, Facebook are essentially making everything you already use your phone for irrelevant in the hope you'll never leave the Facebook or Messenger apps. The next step would be making the games on the site available mobile and then releasing their own OS and phones. Of course, that doesn't seem likely right now and nowhere in their plans is that suggested in their future, but it does seem like the next logical next step.

Facebook are doing everything they can to draw users to their app; they'll even be trying to customise it more so each app provides a more personal user experience. The fact it can be used cross platform makes it a tempting package especially considering it makes it so much easier to get into contact with almost everyone. But if you're someone who doesn't use Facebook then this isn't the news you really want to hear. Facebook had a full year last year and now that they have 800 million users to celebrate, they're bound to push more and more.

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