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Facebook Make Livestreaming Available to the Masses

Expanding on the capability to share video directly in your news feed Facebook have finally opened up live streaming to the public. Or, well, the Americans with iPhones that is. Live streaming has been a possibility for a while and you may have seen video from celebrities or verified businesses but it's now open for everyone.

With Twitter having recently made it so viewers can watch Periscope videos within the main Twitter app, this must have seemed like the right time for the company to unveil for all. Live streaming is something that will be useful for a variety of users for different purposes. Gamers can use it to show off their gaming skills, fashionistas can use it to hold little fashion shows or to share their make up hauls and so on. It can essentially be used in the same way as Youtube but...live. The beauty of it being open for all is people can test out the reaction to what they do on their friends before they decide to start a Youtube channel or before they get more involved in a service like Periscope.

The live steaming service itself is pretty simple. There's no obvious button on the main app page but if you click update status you'll see a new button next to the check in button. Press that and you'll get the live stream option, if it's your first time then you'll have to give the app permission to access your mic and camera but after that it'll ask you to describe your stream. Once that's done and you start broadcasting it'll appear in your time line. The video can be done on either camera and if you hold your phone vertical the comments will be below and if you hold it horizontal then they'll be on the right side. Once you've finished recording the video it will remain in your news feed for others to view.

While watching the video you can comment and you can even subscribe to a user's live broadcasts so that you get a notification next time they start one. This is to hopefully to get any live streamers more viewers but they still recommend that you post a status in advance about your upcoming stream if you want the most viewers.It doesn't seem too likely that Facebook live streams will pick up as big a following of users of Periscope but it does still provide users with plenty of new opportunities.

There's no set date for the Android or worldwide release but I doubt that we'll have a very long wait.

 Rosina Brooker

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