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#Facebook Has Killed It's #PhotoSync Feature

In the not so distant past people used to upload most of their mobile phone pictures from their computers. Why would they do this? Well, a lack of space on phones for one thing and an inability to properly edit them or see the exact quality for another. When people post pictures online, they want them to look good and it's only recently that phones have been able to do that.

Back in 2012 Facebook introduced photo sync, a feature that if users opted in, would allow them to automatically upload all of the photos they took on their phone to a private album on their account. That way, when they got onto their computers, they could go through the album and see which they wanted to share and which they didn't.

But the times have changed and though photo sync was only three years old, it had to too. Phone cameras and phones themselves had improved and photo sync was mostly being used as back up for people's photos. The feature was now kind of pointless and Facebook, as usual, are perfectly fine with keeping with the times. The photo sync option has been replaced with Facebook's Moments app, which was released back in December when it was first announced that they were getting rid of photo sync.

The Moments app works differently to photo sync in that it's just a tool to privately send photos to people then post them on Facebook. It collects the images from your phone and sorts them into albums by which faces it recognises, locations and when they were taken. If you have lots of photos of people then it could be useful for seeing if anyone in particular doesn't want certain photos shared or to post pictures taken by both you and friends in one quick swoop of an album. This in an app for people who take lots of pictures but there isn't enough room for Moments to be used as a backup for photos.

The other way to back up your photos is that Facebook does allow you to download entire albums on your computer. All you have to do is click the settings button on the album and click download album. You'll get all the photos in it as a zip file for you to do what you will with.

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