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Facebook Finally Release Reactions - The New Options Above and Beyond the Like Button

Sometimes on Facebook you want to respond to something but you don't want to comment on it or like it because like isn't the correct response. It's times like that which we all wish for a dislike button, but Facebook don't look to be giving us something like that any time soon due to them feeling that feels too negative. Which basically translates into we don't want people huffing and leaving the site as people keep disliking their statuses. But Facebook have realised that they need to do something with their like button and that they do need to include more click-able reactions. And that is where their new reactions come in.

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Within the next few weeks reactions will be rolling out across American smart phones, and then later across the world. If a user presses down on the like button and holds it, a new menu will pop up with the like button and the six additional options. If you hover over each emoji then it'll become animated. The responses you can choose from will include: Like, Love, Ha Ha, Wow, Sad and Angry. In the beta there was also a yay button - that you'll see in the video - which they later decided to get rid of due to apparent user confusion.

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You'll be able to see on posts not just how many likes the posts get but also how many loves, sads etc. So that means that the original poster will know exactly how people feel about something rather than having to guess what they mean. This is good for when you don't know what to say when someone's dog dies, for instance. In the past you might awkwardly like it, hoping they didn't take it the wrong way or just comment with a one worded sorry. The chosen emotions come from which one word responses people tend to use most in reaction to things. This'll make quick responses more easily accessible when mobile but there's nothing about these responses being available on the website yet.

Changing the like button is a strangely big change for Facebook as people have gotten used to just liking something for so long. It might take some people a long time to find them and other people might not like the idea so it's a risk even after a successful test run. But in the long run this is a good thing as it means people have more options to say how they feel. This cute little addition should help encourage more interaction which is something that Facebook are continuously striving for.

Today we’re launching a pilot test of Reactions — a more expressive Like button. As you can see, it’s not a “dislike” button, though we hope it addresses the spirit of this request more broadly. We studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun. Starting today Ireland and Spain can start loving, wow-ing, or expressing sympathy to posts on Facebook by hovering or long-pressing the Like button wherever they see it. We’ll use the feedback from this to improve the feature and hope to roll it out to everyone soon.
Posted by Chris Cox on Thursday, 8 October 2015

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