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Facebook Blocking Ads From Rival Messengers

It's really starting to seem like Facebook are determined to be the only company around that offer a messaging app. It seems as if testing Android users to see how they would react if they couldn't access the Facebook app and claiming that Messenger will soon make phone numbers pointless was only the beginning of their take over. Now it's WhatsApp's turn to take the stage.

WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook that works much the same as their messenger app. It's a cross platform messenger that you can send messages, videos and pictures on. You can talk privately with someone or in a group chat and basically it's the same as any other messenger out there. It may be owned by Facebook but they're still improving their Messenger app more quickly.

But being much the same as any other cross platform messenger app means that Whatsapp has a lot of competitors and unsurprisingly, Facebook aren't afraid to try and knock them down. This week it's been revealed that Facebook has blocked Hike messenger from putting a link into their adverts. Usually there is an option they can click to allow this so when the option no longer worked but other options did, they assumed it was just a glitch. A glitch is something that can be fixed but when they wrote to Facebook they discovered that they could no longer post these links. Hike have since been back in touch with them but haven't heard anything.

Hike is a cross platform messenger that started in India, even today it's still the second biggest messenger app in the country and that makes it big competition for Whatsapp. Why do people think it's because of Whatsapp and not Messenger? Well, in December it was revealed that Whatsapp was blocking all links to the messenger Telegram. Other links worked but if telegram was in the sub-domain then you couldn't copy or open it.
That time the the block was within the app's coding but it basically amounts to the same thing. Facebook do not want people clicking through to other messenger apps.

We all know that companies do not like competition and that if they can help eliminate it, they will. But to outright block links to two separate rival apps on two of their social media options is incredibly bold and more likely to put someone off using Whatsapp. Someone told me recently that if I had to download a messenger it should be Whatsapp. Now I'm glad I didn't. Facebook are starting to make a new name for themselves and it's not going to be a good one.

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