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Enterprise Alumni: The New Business Social Network in Town

The Telegraph
Everyone knows that when it comes to finding work, social media can be helpful. Whether you've been networking on LinkedIn or someone you used to work with on Facebook knows about an opportunity where they are now, or even if you're using something a bit more left of field, it can all come in useful, but for employers it's not always so simple.

Yes, public social media is ready and waiting for any potential employers to look at before they think about employing you. But what if they aren't looking for you for the first time? What if you have a really common name and someone you used to work for wants to employ you again but can't find you? Well it seems as if the company Enterprise Jungle has thought of that, and now Enterprise Alumni has been created.

The idea has been coined as a 'Facebook for Professionals' that will allow employers to keep an eye on their former employees even once they've left the company. Enterprise Jungle will set up a site especially for the customer and former members of staff will be encouraged to join.

Not only will the site serve as a chance to keep up with what is going on within the company but it will allow employers to work out when they can hire someone again and even if there is no space other job opportunities may pop up through events or through former co-workers. Enterprise Jungle also promise to try and find better deals on things like mobile phones and other items that current employees would also be currently receiving just to make the site a little more appealing.

Siblings Emma and James Sinclair created the software to try and tackle the issue with finding skilled employees and they have done it in a way that hasn't been seen before in social media. The software isn't widespread right now with the only company known to be using it being SAP but it's possibly something to keep an eye on.

If you were part of a big corporation in the past and they look into this software then it's probably worth joining, if you still want to be tied to your former bosses that is.

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