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Drummond Puddle Watch - The Live Stream That Captured the Nation

It's difficult to predict what an entire nation is going to latch onto next but you can assume that at least some of the obsessions may be a little weird. And the live stream that had so many people enraptured yesterday is one such thing.

The Drummond Puddle live stream was filmed on Periscope through an office window that looked down on the spot. It had been raining hard for weeks and since the puddle was between Jesmond station and Newcastle city centre, a lot of people had to walk through it. The phone was set up by Richard Rippon of Drummond Central, a man who works in marketing but wasn't streaming the puddle as part of any campaign. He and the others in the office just found it hilarious and it seems as if thousands of people agreed.

You have to admit, it's a pretty odd thing to watch and people trying to get around puddles would get boring after a while. But the comments that popped up caught the nation's eye and all sorts of strange things happened during the live stream including a man bringing a lilo to float in the puddle and someone sticking a wet floor sign in the middle.

Of course, the live stream had to end but the fascination didn't end at 5.15pm when it stopped. Bottles of muddy water marketed as Drummond puddle water have popped up on eBay for some ridiculous prices. Some of the pictures have clearly been taken at night and you have to wonder why on earth someone thought that was a good moneymaking idea.

What this does show however is that even simple things can make people happy on the internet. It wasn't the puddle that was so fascinating really, it was the reaction of people watching. Home video shows like You've Been Framed work because people love to see each other fall over and do stupid things. This Periscope stream started in the same way but picked up steam because of the social aspect that allowed people to comment and feel involved even if they couldn't visit the puddle.

As stupid as some people might have thought the hype to be I hope that we get to see more things like this in the future. It's putting technology to a use that can make a lot of people smile if only for an hour or two no matter where they are. Well, as long as some people don't get the wrong idea and start planning this stuff or, god forbid, that this actually creates a market for puddle water.

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