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Do Emoji Users Really Have More Sex?

A recent survey conducted by Match.com reveals that there is a link between using emojis in your messages and having more sex.

Match.com's annual survey was carried out on 5,675 single U.S. citizens who were not using Match's services. Some of the results were quite surprising:

54% of emoji users between the ages of 20-49 had sex in 2014. Meanwhile, only 31% of non-emoji users got lucky in the same year.

Match.com's Singles in America Survey
Communication via text and online is difficult. It is easy to miss sarcasm, say things you don't mean and makes it difficult to emphasize. There was even reports released last year saying that ending texts with full stops meant you were cold and uncaring. It's thin ice in the world of texting...

This is where the legendary emoji saves us. 

They are the only way we can soften up our communication on devices, it's a form of evolution. They help us in many ways...

...by making us laugh...


...by helping us sympathize...


and even flirt...
(last year Instagram had to ban users from searching for the eggplant/aubergine emoji because of the sexual innuendos attached)


Interestingly, women who used kissing emojis found it easier to have orgasms. 

So is it that surprising that emojis help singles express themselves better? They act like a tone of voice that can be missed in a text. Emoji users don't just get more action in the bedroom. They are also more likely to go on dates and more open to the idea of marriage:

62% of emoji users want to get married compared to the 30% who don't use emojis.

Perhaps, if you've not been lucky in love recently, try adding emojis to your texts and maybe they'll help get your message across with the tone you intend.

Megan Herdson

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