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#Dating #Apps Linked to Increase in #Sex Attacks

Popular dating apps, Tinder and Grindr, have been put under scrutiny this week after they were linked to the rise of sexual assaults in England and Wales.
A report has been released through the Freedom of Information Act which reveals figures at an all time high. Cases of this kind have gone up from 55 in England and Wales in 2013, to 412 in 2015.

2 years ago, 21 crimes mentioned Tinder. Meanwhile, in 2015, this figure had risen to 277. As for Grindr, the predominant dating app among the gay community, the figures have risen from 34 to 135. 

The reports include any crime where the apps are mentioned but this does not necessarily mean they were used directly by the criminal.

The most common crimes reported with the apps are of aggression/violence and sexual abuse. 152 of the 412 crimes in 2015 were offences such as rape or grooming. 

The chilling part of this report is that "sexual exploitation of children" is happening through these adult only apps. For example, back in September 2015, a teacher from Kent received a 5 year jail sentence after grooming a 14 year old he met on Grindr. A community which is supposedly only for 18+ users. Either the apps need to clamp down on their age restriction policies or users need to find a way to be sure they know who they are communicating with.

Peter Tatchell, Australian-born human rights campaigner has said: ‘The steep rise in sexual and violent offences is a worrying trend that seems likely to continue. I suspect these figures are just the tip of the iceberg.’

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