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#Android Users Can Now Browse #Facebook Anoymously


We've reported on Tor a couple of times in the past. Tor is a service that allows people to browse the internet freely without worrying about people grabbing their I.P address. If you're someone who likes their privacy then this could be important, especially if you don't want someone to find out where you are through your account.

Facebook and Tor first connected back in November 2014 when Facebook gave people access to their site while using the Tor browser. You could already log in to the site on there but that sometimes caused issues with Facebook thinking the account had been hacked. Facebook were pledging their support by agreeing to this and it made the site more easily accessible to users in places like China where the internet is strictly monitored.

As well as this Tor has already been available on Android phones for a while and has become more freely available for iOS users with the recent upgrade to iOS 9. However neither of these apps allowed people to view things privately through other apps. They're simply private browsers that you would use like you would any other browser on your phone.

From this week on things are about to change for Android users. Facebook have been happy to support Tor over the last few years and have realised that a sizeable community has grown around the feature on Facebook. This is a good thing for the Tor group who want their own user base to grow. They feel that everyone should be able to use Facebook and message privately and this new support will make it easier. You still have to download and install Orbot, the app required for Tor browsing on Android but after that you should be able to update your settings and that will allow you to browse the Facebook app anonymously.

The only thing is that Tor may have said they want mobile access for anyone but have also said they have no plans to offer this extension to iOS users. Considering the fact it’s taken several years for Apple users to even be able to officially use Tor products on their phone well...it suggests that Apple products might not be as compatible with Tor which isn't great.

Still, with all the privacy issues people have been having with social media recently this is a step in the right direction. Let's just hope some of the other companies decide to follow in Facebook's footsteps.

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