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Woman Posts Her Medical Results on Snapchat Warning Exes of Her STI

I've always wondered what goes through some people's minds when they post on social media. I do not need to know half of the things I do, and somehow this woman thought it would be reasonable to share some very, very personal medical information.

In her snap, this woman announces her newest STI. She insinuates that it is in fact not the first time having an STI as she says 'again'. Her follow up post was a warning to anyone man who had slept with her should get tested. Far too much information. And if she wants to warn them, great, but do it personally. The whole world does not need, nor does it want to know about it. The post was then shared on Twitter by a man who stated 'I am deleteing Snapchat'. And I completely understand why.

Snapchat is supposed to be social, sharing quick snaps of your day and what you are up to. It is not made to share this kind of information. Neither are any of the social networks by the way. It can really ruin the experience for someone. I know that I don't want to know about it, and that's not just for my sake. It's for the other person's sake too. She must be so relaxed about the fact that everyone knows, and now everyone really does know. It just isn't right. The post has been shared hundreds of times, and most people, including the one above, have been outraged by it. The other thing is, anyone who knows her and the men she has been with previously, now probably assume that those men have the STI too. Not fair on them..

Snapchat has been known to have problems similar to this one before when people would take a quick picture of the person in bed with them, but they did not seem to have a clue who they were. On the other hand, some were fully aware of who that person was lying next to them and were quite proud. I don't really understand it but there you go. If people feel the need to share this type of information, I'm not sure we can stop them. But if I had to choose, I'd rather hear about someone's one night stand than the STI they caught.

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