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Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Off Apps?

A recent study has shown that by 2020 apps could have lost their value with artificial intelligence having taken over 40% of the work for you. Apps are already being downloaded less and less and people seem to be happy with the pre installed ones instead. This shows that in just the few years of app existence, technology has developed so much that their purpose is becoming minor.

Having said that, apps won't ever really disappear as long as there are smartphones but with artificial intelligence the post app era really isn't far away. Mark Armstrong from Progress said when talking about smart agents that 'they can positively and autonomously generate the next generation'. Where Siri can search the web, the smart agents will go a step further. They will find solutions, and do the job nearly entirely for you. Even retailers will be directly behind them, providing a more developed customer service.

There is the constant question of whether a website or an app is better too, meaning that the app market might lose out again. "Mobile websites can offer the same functionality as apps for a fraction of the cost, are easier to maintain and can be more profitable" said the Director of Research at Nuance Communications Nils Lenke.

Apps seem to be losing all the debates and although they will never fully disappear, they are somewhat losing their purpose. Google is another reason apps are slowing down. Its 'sneaker' tracking allows data to be retrieved from an app without the user even downloading it. So until apps can keep up with Google, unfortunately it will continue to access them. But at the same time "making apps searchable is a do or die tactic. If they can't be crawled, they won't be found" is what Pete Trainor from Nexus Design states.

Smart agents are going to be present in every home and even in the workplace before we know it, allowing users to ask them anything, organise their calendars, and even decide where to buy back to school clothes. Even banks are taking to it allowing their customers to be assisted in the same way as if they were to ring up. You will be able to sort a transfer, check your balance or whatever else you need to do and a personalised answer will be given to you by the smart agent. With artificial intelligence being developed as fast as it is, they are ensuring that smart agents will be constantly updated as new information is released. So there will never be a lag, nor will you be given outdated advice. Senior Assistant at XSCE Jean-Michel Renders said "with our machine learning technology, the WDS Virtual Agent has the ability to learn how to solve problems as they arise". This means a huge leap in technology as we begin to see the true capabilities of a robot as it were.

There are so many apps that have helped me have a better experience of my smartphone, especially the banking one, but it looks like we are soon to be moving on to a new type of intelligence. Of course we know that as long as we have smartphones and tablets we will always have apps, but artificial intelligence is definitely taking a stand and we really will be able to do EVERYTHING from our phones. I remember a time when we used to joke about it, and here we are.

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