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Why Is #Facebook So #Addictive?

We all know that we probably spend far too much time on Facebook, but have we ever thought about why we do? A study has shown that every time we get a spare minute, it translates as boredom, so we fill this hole by scrolling meaninglessly through Facebook.

Nir Eyal, a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business and an entrepreneur in his own right, has written a book on a book that answers questions like "Why Facebook is so addictive?". He was questioned on the matter and replied 'what Facebook wants to create an association with is every time you have a few minutes. [...] Whenever you're feeling bored, whenever you have a few extra minutes, this is a salve for that itch'. It is also due to the habit of receiving a notification every time someone posts something new or comments maybe, so we now just check ourselves without being notified. We open the app and just scroll, most of the time just for the sake of it. I'm sure that most of us only sit there and flick through without even taking anything in. Eyal said 'it's like a slot machine with lots of variability of what I might find'.

The lecturer goes on to say that Facebook is actually not even responsible really. When we send a message to someone or post something on our wall, we expect a reply. 'They get to send me an external trigger, bringing me back. And you did it!' is how he explained it. And it's true. We expect a response, and we will therefore always go back and check. And this goes on and on. We get used to checking Facebook, especially having it so accessible on the app. So it is a habit. I know I've done it, sit there just killing time. Because that is all it is most of the time. And if you think about how many people do that daily, Facebook is worth about $200 billion dollars thanks to us.

Unfortunately I think we are all stuck in it. If we can help ourselves from just checking Facebook out of habit then we will have managed to reduce our addiction. Because that is exactly what it is. We don't even realise we do it most of the time, which really isn't good. So maybe in 2016 we should all rethink how much we use the app, and what we are actually using it for.

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  1. There are a lot of friends there and you wish to contact them from day to day.


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