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Twitter Possibly Hacked by 'State-Sponsored Actors'

Last night Twitter made it its priority to contact a few users about having possibly been hacked. This is the first time that a possible state sponsored attack has happened on this particular social network. They sent the emails out to a few more than 20 users all containing the same message, alerting them that these state sponsored actors could potentially be targeting them.

Google and Facebook have both been targets before and have issued messages of the same nature in previous years for Google and since October for Facebook. Twitter is unsure of the authenticity of the hack but have warned their users that some of their details may be under threat, such as IP addresses, email addresses and other personal details required to use the platform. The purpose of the emails are to ensure that the users who may be targeted are aware of it and it gives them a chance to act before any damage is done. A few years ago Twitter alerted thousands of users about a security breach where passwords and email addresses could have been stolen.

Users have responded to Twitter and some with a bit of humour saying things such as 'remember when state sponsored actors meant the national performing arts company doing Shakespeare in the park?' Most are very frustrated by the news.

Twitter has encouraged its users to log in using the browser Tor, which allows you to remain anonymous. The only problem is, some are experiencing issues now being blocked as suspected scammers. And accounts can be verified of course, only that is done by using mobile numbers, which happen to be part of the information that has been targeted by the hackers. Although not many people seem to have had their accounts compromised, it has got many worried about future attacks. Twitter's message included the fact that they do not have much on the matter themselves and no more has been released today. Some users are still doubting the authenticity of the warning message. They are worried that even that may be a hack in itself. Others are just happy to have been alerted of the issue.

Of course the best thing to do for now is change passwords at least and anything else that can be changed to keep your account safe. Until we hear more from Twitter, Tor could be a good way forward for some. But for now, if you haven't been personally alerted of anything, I would not worry too much as it is only a small group of people who may be at risk.

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