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#Twitter #Analytics Service #Topsy is Shut Down by #Apple

The popular Twitter analytics tool Topsy has been shut down by Apple, who only requisitioned the company two years ago. Earlier this week Topsy sent its last tweet. It was one of the few able to access older data on Twitter which was great for people who would analyse social media.

If you have tried to access the website topsy.com you will have seen that you are redirected to an Apple service page now. And there isn't anything to explain why you have not been able to access Topsy. About a year ago there were rumours of the company shutting down as they refused premium customers to renew their accounts. Now it looks like they have all come to an end, therefore they are able to shut down without issue.

It is unsure as to why Apple have made this decision but it seems that Topsy could be blended in with Apple's iOS Search feature. There is not much information on the matter as of now but users are gutted. It was a very popular tool and fans have reacted to their last tweet.

An employee from Topsy commented too, thanking the users for their support.

The San Francisco based company is no more and many are hoping for a good replacement. Users are frustrated at Apple for shutting them down, but until we have more insight on the matter, I don't think we should jump the gun. In fact, it is unsure why Apple bought Topsy in the first place. But that is not an issue anymore as Apple seem to have bigger plans now. People really are not happy with Apple though, so I hope that their plans are good ones.

Despite some thinking Topsy had already shut down, we now have absolute conformation. So Apple, you had better bring it, because you've got a few expectations to meet.

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