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Tiger and Goat Pals 'Amur and Timur' Get a Joint #Instagram Account

One of the things that the social media news funnel has really helped to signal boost is animal stories. Unlikely friendships tend to do especially well, a dog and an elephant, a lion, tiger and bear (oh my) or in this case a tiger and a goat.

The tiger and goat in question are Amur and Timur, residents of Primorsky Safari Park in Russia. The then nameless goat had originally been intended as a meal for the large, powerful Siberian tiger, but instead the animal made friends with the goat, and now they are inseparable. Exactly why this happened is somewhat unclear, but it goes without saying that tigers in captivity behave differently from those in the wild, and it could be that Amur is so used to being fed, rather than hunting, that his killer instinct has somewhat subsided.
It could also, of course, be down to Timur's sheer bravery. When placed in the enclosure, he actually chased Amur around for a while before taking refuge in his shelter, leaving him to settle for the roof. Now, seemingly utterly oblivious to any threat, Timur follows Amur everywhere, something Amur seems to take no issue with, rather, they play together. If it sounds like a Disney movie, it's because there will probably be one about it within the next 3-5 years.

In the mean time, the duo have decided to take to social media, selecting Instagram as their main weapon of choice, flanked by two native Russian platforms: Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. The Instagram account, which was created on December 19th, has amassed over 3,000 followers at time of writing. Thus far, the images are all fairly standard, but nonetheless relentlessly adorable. The park runners promise to maintain a running narrative of the duo's exploits, in both photo and video form.
The scheme also serves another, more important purpose. Safari Parks all over the world cost a lot of money to maintain, but somewhere as remote as Primorsky (despite the relatively dense population), it's even harder. Thus, the global popularity of Amur and Timur is being utilised to raise funds towards the upkeep of the park, such that the animals can have better quality of life.

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