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#ThisisEgypt #Tourist Campaign Hijacked By Disillusioned Locals

Egypt just can't catch a break at the minute. Burdened with a rise in crime and political unrest in the country, coupled with fast declining tourism, a new hashtag campaign, #ThisIsEgypt, was promoted as part of an online initiative to bring travellers back to the North-African country. Unfortunately enough, this marketing strategy has been crippled by a Twitter hijack that saw disgruntled residents using the hashtag to moan about state failings.

Accompanied by a fast-paced video that includes pictorial shots from young travellers - that encourages viewers to "let the world know (Egypt) the way you see it" - it seems Egypt's citizens have done just that: taking to Twitter to berate the handling of issues such as human rights and sanitation.

In a series of tweets, Egyptian journalist Wael Eskandar explained his motivation for using the hashtag: “I’m not trying to hijack the #ThisisEgypt hashtag, just doing what they said, #Egypt through my eyes.” Eskandar’s posts include links to Facebook images of citizens currently being detained by the country’s authorities.

A quick search of #ThisisEgypt at the time of writing brings up more positive posts, intermingled between the flurry of news reports about the social media campaign gone awry. The whole debacle is reminiscent of the Syrian governments recent attempt to bring the #SummerInSyria hashtag to the fore, which ended up being taken over by opposition supporters. While the Middle Eastern country is embroiled in civil war, the campaign showed people out enjoying night life and having fun. One particularly scathing user posted a photo of a destroyed neighbourhood in the country, along with the caption: "Come and enjoy your #SummerInSyria. You will see many historic cities. In fact, most of Syria's cities are history."

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