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The Opposite Ends of the Scale - #Reporting of the #SanBernardino #Shooting

Another shooting in America was reported as being the deadliest since the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 where 26 people were killed. On Wednesday in San Bernardino, men opened fire on a crowd killing 14 and leaving 20 severely injured. As always social media has been flooded with the stories and the pictures of candle light in support of the victims. Snapchat had a Live Story following the events with information about school lockdowns and images from police raids. On the other hand, the @NRA twitter account did their usual silence, but when they resurfaced on social media, there was no mention whatsoever of the mass shooting.

@NRA are known to report the shootings all over America and they have a habit of going silent for a few days after the event to then reappear and share the news. After a shorter amount of time that usual, the @NRA account was active again but mentioned nothing about San Bernardino. They commented on a few other incidents, but not the mass shooting. In fact they only 'went dark' for one day this time. There were various updates on the 3rd but none of them related to California.

On the other hand you have Snapchat, who decided it would be useful to create a Live Story, especially for the people in the local areas to see the news. It gave people the chance to post about lockdowns in schools or hospitals or simply give out any information on the shooting. It was available nationwide but was mainly focusing on the locals in California. When something like this happens it can mean that there is the possibility of it happening again so at least this way people were able to see what was happening and in real time. 'We published the story because we felt that the content, which comes from the LA Local Story, was newsworthy and held national significance' said Mary Ritti, Snapchat Vice President of communications.

After another devastating day there has been so much social media coverage as always, and yet, the people we expected it most from, did not say anything.

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