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The Best and Worst #Viral #Christmas Cards on #SocialMedia

The festive season is upon us once more, inspiring many families to gather together to create that perfect Christmas snapshot to send to family and friends. Sure, the physical cards of old have been all but replaced by e-cards or simple Instagram posts, but the tradition remains all the same. Most of these photos are pretty much what you would expect - smiling faces, horrible jumpers and an overload of tinsel, but a few emerge each year that have well and truly broken the mould. Here. we have compiled our favourite collection of the best (or worst) Christmas cards that have gone viral this year.

Chillin' with my Ho's

Instagram - @yoshedabomb
Natalie Yoshida caught her 6300 Instagram followers' attention with this hilarious Christmas shot taken with her sister, mum and dad back in mid December. Most have seen the funny side, describing the photo as "hilarious" and "awesome", and recognising it as the joke it was always intended to be. Others went on the attack, with user luvan_musiq commenting: "If that's what you wanna do....I doubt my husband would want me or our daughters to be 'his Ho's'", and that is far from the worst criticism they received. Myself? I'll side with those who possess a sense of humour. Natalie's Instagram also features a photo taken from the back, while Rachel Yoshida's account hosts a different version entirely.

Josh Brassow's Fake Family

Josh Brassow
So it's Christmas, which means it's once again time to contact all those distant family members you only ever see or speak to during the festive period, so why not have some fun with it? Josh Brassow found a creative way of doing just that with his 2015 Christmas card, by hiring a fake family to join him, posing as his own wife and kids. Talking about how the idea came about, Brassow stated: 

"I have six brothers and sisters. My mom has six brothers and sisters and my dad has five sisters, my family is all pretty socially conservative and everyone gets married and it's set in stone. I figured so many people hadn’t seen me in so long they’d think, 'Man, I haven’t seen him in a few years and what did he get himself into. He got this woman twice his age pregnant and now has to step up and be a dad to these kids almost his age.'"

The only problem? The elaborate prank went viral too soon. Brassow shared the card on his private Facebook page when he received the print, and people found it so funny they all started sharing it themselves, meaning news of the card reached Brassow's family members long before the photo itself.

Peace on Earth?

Facebook - Jameslanie Johnson
Here we have another photo that has caused its fair share of controversy. Captured by Hannah Hawkes Photography, the image has caused outrage for seemingly promoting violence against women, and reinforcing the stereotypical idea that they just won't, but should, shut up. The photo was obviously intended to be an inside joke, probably more about their particular family than women in general, but that didn't stop the hate from pouring in. Despite the naysayers, both the photographer and the family stand by their decision, and have gained some support in the process.

The Single Life

Bridget McCartney / Refinery29
How do you respond when your parents decide they no longer want you featured in their Christmas cards? You could break down, you could cry or you could just grab a chicken and carry on! Bizarre, yes, but funny.

This unique Christmas card is the work of Bridget McCartney, a 28-year-old singleton and youngest of 5 siblings who, as the only unmarried child left, stopped featuring in her parents' cards as they felt she looked "awkward" in their 2009 snap. In response, ever since 2010 she has created her own, all with a mock-lonely, booze-filled air about them. The example above is her new 2015 card, and you can find her previous cards via this link.

Deck the Halls with Rounds of Ammo

Facebook - Michele Fiore
Nothing quite says Christmas like a Glock, right? Apparently so, according to the Fiore family's rather unusual Christmas card. Michele Fiore, a Republican politician from Nevada pictured above wielding a Serbu Super Shorty 12ga shotgun, uploaded the controversial card with a caption that read, "It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family.-With love & liberty, Michele."

Clearly aiming to make a political point after the debate about gun control in America has flared up once again, Michele has even gone as far as to create a full "2016 Walk the Talk 2nd Amendment Calendar", geared towards protecting the right to bear arms in the US.

That wraps up our summary of the weird and wonderful world of viral Christmas cards. If you've seen any gems we might have missed, let us know in the comments below!

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. Currently working as Editor of Social Songbird, he hopes to one day drop that 'aspiring' prefix. Follow him @SamAtSMF

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