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#StarWars #TheForceAwakens #Trailer Recreated Using Nothing but #Snapchat #Art

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Snapchat's drawing/painting function might seem like it's only really meant for doodling over pre-existing pictures, but as with any creative resource, it can work wonders in the right hands. In this instance, that creativity has found an ideal partner in the most hyped thing of the year: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Using nothing but Snapchat art, 18 artists were able to piece together a shot-for-shot recreation of the film's theatrical trailer. You would think that such a thing would end up being laughably crude, but you'd be wrong.

Some of the shots match the colour and shading of their live-action counterparts so perfectly it almost looks like rotoscoping, and none of the majesty of the original piece is lost in the translation. The whole thing was co-ordinated through the YouTube channel Yoda Didn't Die, a Snapchat-based haven for all things Star Wars. It was released on December 17th to coincide with the theatrical release of the film itself, cannily.

As well as being a prime example of how much you can really get out of Snapchat when the motivation is present and correct, it comes as part of a rich, widespread tapestry of tribute material that has emerged in support of the landmark film, from models to painting to just about anything else your mind can conjure.

The thing it most directly reminds me of, however, is something more related to Star Wars as a whole than this film specifically - Star Wars: Uncut. This ambitious 2009 project saw over 2000 fans banding together to each create a short segment of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Most are only a few seconds long, but when combined the entire film is recreated, beat for beat. Full disclosure, I've never watched the whole thing from beginning to end, but from what I've seen, it's a beautifully bizarre tour of numerous different art styles, tones and production values, with more than enough appeal for everyone, not just die hard fans of the franchise.

The new film, meanwhile, is fairing excellently, having smashed the opening day box office records in the UK and Ireland. It's also raking in reams of positive reviews. For someone like me, who grew up on the original films, it's unbelievably exciting, and seeing something with as much of a milennial fanbase as Snapchat being used as a conduit for fan appreciation more or less assures me that the film is succeeding at one, crucial goal: it's introducing a new generation to a galaxy far far away. Pass the corn.

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