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#SongbirdStories: The Rest From the Nest of #SocialMedia

It's the time you've all been waiting for, folks. Here comes our weekly round-up of the worldly goings-on of social media and beyond:-

@TheNiceBot on Twitter

The brainchild of 'Champions Against Bullying and Deutsch Inc. advertising agency, @TheNiceBot is a Twitter account dedicated to spreading niceness. With the news that something nasty is said on Twitter every 60 seconds (at least), TheNiceBot is attempting to bring some positivity to outweigh the negative. In order to do so, the NiceBot selects users at random and sends them pre-written, kind messages. Some memorable ones compare bright personalities to supernovas, and declare people 'more amazing than fresh towels from the dryer'. So far the account has over 4k followers, but the project ultimately aims to reach all 300 million Twitter users.

Snapchat Goes Down on Tuesday

An extended outage on Snapchat occurred this week leaving users bewildered. They reported loading issues on both friends' snaps and stories plus the Discover feature. Of course the small, temporary blip sent other social media sites into meltdown, with both mocking and genuine distraught at the error. The Snapchat team also took to Twitter to report that they were fixing the issue, and all seems well and right with the platform as of now. Panic over...

Committed Storm Desmond Reporter Goes Viral

TÉ journalist Teresa Mannion has been widely praised on social media for her wind and rain-battered report from Galway during the devastation of Storm Desmond. Her perseverance with the report has won her social media celebrity, with the clip being turned into funny memes and her name trending on Twitter.


Digital Marketing Stunt from Graham's The Family Dairy Debunks Popular Theory

Graham's The Family Dairy, Scotland's largest independent dairy, has conducted a scientific toast experiment in order to prove or disprove the myth that toast always lands butter side down. With the help of adorable assistants Molly (6), Lily (5) and Ernie (4), the team buttered 100 slices of toast before throwing them in order to test the theory. The results proved the idea wrong, with 69% of toast landing butter side up. Nonetheless, the trial made for a sweet and fun video and the brand is encouraging others to carry out their on experiments with the hashtag #ButterSideUp  Have a gander:

Man Charged After Threats to MP on Facebook

23-yr old Craig Wallace, also known as Muhammad Mujahid Islam, send offensive and threatening messages to an MP (that has not been named) in reaction to the Commons vote in favour of the bombing of ISIS in Syria last week. The culprit was arrested at home last Thursday in connection with the messages. Two Labour MPS, Simon Danczuk and Neil Coyle, have told of the online threats they have received in connection with votes for air-strikes. Coyle received a threat on Twitter that read: “u voted for airstrikes in syria , if i see u round ends”, along with three images of knives.

Look Back at 2015 on Facebook

Every year, Facebook offers us the chance to look back at our personal social media highlights. With this, Facebook also gives us a run-down of all of the biggest stories from the year gone by that captured the online community. This year. including subjects such as 'Black Lives Matter', Singapore's 50th birthday, Back To The Future II, and more recently the Paris terror attacks, the video gives us all a change to reflect on the good and bad. You can watch it here

#Love is the Most Popular Hashtag on Instagram (Again)


According to the Instagram blog, #Love is the most popular hashtag on the photo-sharing app for the third year running. The #Love is currently mentioned in more than 800 million posts on the platform - a refreshing fact when so much social media is centred around negativity. In similar fashion, on Twitter #LoveWins was the most popular hashtag with over 6.2 million tweets, which mainly focused on the Supreme Court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage. 

Miss Piggy on Messenger

If you love The Muppets, particularly Miss Piggy, then you'll love the new feature added to her Facebook page. By the use of artificial intelligence by marketing platform Imperson, you can live chat with the character by clicked the 'Message' icon on the page. She is available for chat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 11am PST“I see this as a gift to all those who love me, who admire me … and who have always dreamed the impossible dream of chatting with me,” said Miss Piggy in a related statement. “Here’s your chance. Come and get it!” The feature has been made available since Dec 7th.

                        Facebook Launches Star Wars Stickers

Star Wars promo has been EVERYWHERE in the run up to the new movie's release in a week's time. And it appears that Facebook has joined the hype by launching a collection of Star Wars-themed stickers that went live on Wednesday afternoon. The image library includes characters such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, with both old and new characters from the franchise featuring. The 'stickers' feature has proved popular on the social networking site, so it only made sense for the film to up its already huge ante with a little bit more digital marketing

            Japanese Social Media Trend #RiceBallBabies Is                                                      Super Cute

East Asia is known for its weird and wonderful social media trends. In the latest - and potentially most adorable - parents are seen squishing their babies' faces into something supposedly resembling a rice ball. The similarity is tenuous at best, but the charming photos have proven a hit, particularly on Twitter. The trend started when Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara squished his kids' faces into rice ball shapes in June and others started to follow suit.

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