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Some of This Year's Best #Christmas #Baking #Fails


Every year, we all love to attempt our favourite recipes and get festive in the kitchen. If you are anything like me then you'll understand these people's pain. If you're anything like my sister, then you'll just wish you'd done it yourself.

Despite our best efforts, following the recipe to the gram, using the right type of butter and buying the same brand of marshmallows because that way it can't possibly go wrong, we still manage to suck at it. I have spent some time filtering through some of the best fails, and most of the time the caption just makes it funnier.

Some are a little less disasterous, just not quite what was expected.

Une photo publiée par Leah (@leahacal) le

 How do some people manage to get them so nice? Because in my experience they always end up looking more like the ones of the right.. Although maybe not quite that bad.

Une photo publiée par @eburge1102 le

People have been using #PinterestFails to show off their disasters. Pinterest shows the most beautiful ways of doing things, so of course people are going to attempt it. But it never works, or rarely at least. Although some are close enough to perfect I'd say.

And just to finish off, here a couple of my favourite this year. I wish you all good luck in your kitchen, you know you've just got to give it a go!

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