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Shoes Fill Place De La Republique in Paris When Climate March Denied

Yesterday thousands of marchers were denied the right to march for the Paris Climate Summit as it was deemed to risky. World leaders gathered in Paris for the conference and security was focused on them so people were asked to refrain from marching. Other countries still went ahead with the protests but what people did in Paris when told they couldn't march themselves was truly admirable.

In place of themselves, people decided to put a pair of shoes on Place de la Republique where the marches would have taken place. Shoes were left with notes and flowers. Even the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon left a pair of trainers.

With security as tight as it can be, it is a great way for the Parisians to still be able to stand up for what they believe in without putting themselves in harms way. The conference COP21 began earlier this week but the marches will be occurring all around the world over the next few days. Already hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in other places and Paris was not prepared to miss out on the action. So whoever was at the source of this great idea I really do admire them. One note reads 'S'il faut choisir un combat, c'est le climat' meaning 'if we must choose one battle, it's climate'. The leaders are meeting today to discuss further measures to battle global warming. The marches are organised in light of this and Avaaz will be handing the petition over. Last week the #OursToLose campaign was launched and now people all over the world have come together in some shape or form to make sure changes are made.

But the Parisians really have taken it to another level when they were told they would not be allowed to march. It is wonderful to see that a community can come together, even without being present in the flesh. You know what they say, it's the thought that counts.

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