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Personalise Your Chats on Facebook Messenger

Facebook are always trying to improve your experience and this time they have made it personal. I'm sure everyone will appreciate this.

You can now choose a particular colour for your conversation and add nicknames to the people you are talking to. When you open the chat, click on the 'i' in the top right corner. You will then be given the different choices. A selection of colours will be available to you and you can swap and change whenever you want. This will change the appearance of the chat for everyone involved. And when you head onto a different chat, you get choose a colour for that one too. Every chat can be personalised.

When you talk to people their usual Facebook name will come up, but you can go ahead and change that to appear as you want it to. That person will be able to see this change. Again, you just need to head to the information button at the top right of the chat to change the name. Like I said, they can become anything you want so it leaves room for a bit of fun. The other person will be notified of the change, and told if you change it back.

The last feature is that you get to change the thumbs up emoji on your message bar to pretty much anything you want. It is in the same place as the other features, and once you have clicked on the option, you will have the choice of some of the most popular emojis but also a few festive ones at the moment and pretty much the whole selection of emojis. I am assuming that they will update as the year goes by. You can scroll through quite a few and choose whichever one you want to appear on your message bar. Once you have selected one, this will be the conversation emoji and the other person will receive a notification.

It isn't much, but it just makes your messenger experience more personal. You can have a heart as your emoji for one person, and the crying with laughter one with someone else. The colour can mean what you want and it's just nice to have your own touch. If you use an emoji a lot, it can be really handy to just have it there when needed, and the colour makes a change from the original blue. The nicknames can be quite a laugh and of course you can change these features whenever you feel like it.

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