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London is the Most Miserable City For Selfies

There are plenty of things about London that make me frown: Tube strikes. £12 cocktails. Night buses. Tourists. And it seems I'm not alone as Selfiecity, a project that looks at the science behind the selfie, has revealed that out of 6 major cities - including New York, Bangkok and Moscow - London selfies were found to be the most miserable. 

The research examined 150,000 photos from a 5km radius of Somerset House. 640 suitable photos were analysed using facial recognition software to calculate the expressions of the photo takers. On a happiness scale of zero to one, London’s selfies scored just 0.55, compared with 0.62 in the other cities.

It also became apparent from the data that women in the English capital were twice as likely to take a selfie than men, and Londoners in general are more likely to be sporting eye-wear in their photos than in other countries surveyed. 

Lev Manovich, a co-creator of selfiecity, said of the findings: “Considering that young Londoners face challenges such as rising property prices and highly competitive job markets, the fact that Londoners are a little older and not always jumping for joy is perhaps not so surprising. Yet these are also issues felt in other cities around the world, so it’s interesting to see that Londoners are more honest and they’re not painting an alternate perfect picture on social media, which can often be the case.”

So, there you have it. The grumpy-come-gritty attitude of our nation is what sets us apart from our overseas counterparts when it comes to taking selfies. Life in London isn't always bed of roses (especially when the Circle line is down again) and those that live there aren't afraid to show it. Good to know, Selfiecity.

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