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Las Vegas Taco Shop Uses Footage of #Burglary as a #Commercial

The way the UK is gradually adopting more and more facets of US culture is both intriguing and worrying by turns. The thing I find the most exciting out of all of it though, is the increasing presence of taco/burrito chains. Say what you will about the American appropriation of Mexican cuisine, tacos are awesome, and apparently, the people who sell them are pretty great too. Great enough to turn a potentially disastrous crime into an advertising opportunity/social media explosion.

On Wednesday December 16th, the Frijoles and Frescas Taco shop in Las Vegas was burgled by 3 men. They smashed through the back door and made off with the cash register. Happily, the whole thing was caught on the security cameras. Rather than simply turning the footage over to the police (although presumably they've done that as well), they cut it together into an ad, an ad which claims through a written narrative that the three reprobates in question were actually just jonesing for some tacos.

The ad proceeds to both extol the virtues of the shop's output, and mercilessly mock the hapless thieves all in one fell swoop. It's beautiful. The tone does get more serious towards the end, as it includes an actual, genuine appeal to find the men responsible and bring them to justice, but that almost seems like a formality/reason to show their faces in close shot.

The video has been doing the rounds on Facebook and gradually gathering more steam, buoying thousands of people into helping track the burglars down. Hopefully the gambit will pay off in all the ways intended.

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