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#IvorIscoming - One Man's New Profile Picture Becomes Viral Sensation

Companies round the world spend a fortune annually on trying to make their content go viral. There is no exact science behind it and nothing is guaranteed. Now just to rub it in, New York-based Irishman Ivor Noyek has created a social media storm completely by accident, all just by changing his profile picture.

Tumblr - ivoriscoming

His indisputably 'Hipster' pose caused a Facebook friend to photoshop the image into a fake movie poster (see above). Before long the internet at large stumbled upon the doctored pic and soon a mass of memes started emerging, leading to the creation of the #IvorIsComing hashtag and even his own Tumblr page dedicated to sharing the best of the memes.

So far, Ivor has been placed in iconic scenes from Shaun of the Dead, The Lion King, Indiana Jones, The Wizard of Oz and countless more. He even outran Usain Bolt!

Tumblr - ivoriscoming

And for a bit of fun before you go, how about a game of 'Where's Ivor?'

Tumblr - ivoriscoming

Ivor seems to be taking all the attention in his stride, posting many of the memes to his own Facebook wall and describing his peculiar rise to internet stardom as "hilarious s**t".

To see more of Ivor, head on over to the IvorIsComing Tumblr page.

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