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Interview with Magnet.me: Revolutionising Recruitment For Students and Young Grads

Magnet.me - a start-up social network originally from the Netherlands - is turning the tide in recruitment as we know it. Recently launched in the UK, the new network is hoping to break the borders of international employment for young people both here and across the Channel by bringing smaller, independent businesses to the forefront of their awareness. In turn, they are helping the businesses involved to attract the talent they require in a distinctive and cost-effective way. We recently spoke to Vincent Karremans, CEO of Magnet.me, to learn more about what sets his company aside from the other established sites out there.

Magnet.me's network incorporates an easy-to-use interface with social features: communication with companies is informal and friendly, and involves a 'matching' process that draws loose similarities with Tinder. With over 800 companies and 30k students already on board, the company has facilitated over 800,000 connections that may not have existed without them.

A key concept to the Magnet.me philosophy is showcasing opportunities to students and young graduates that they may have otherwise missed out on. With an inherent interest in smaller companies and businesses hoping to find their ideal candidate. Vincent and his team place stress on the fact you're more likely to be happy and productive in a job position knowing all of the employment prospects available to you, and that's exactly what they strive to provide. Affixed to their ideas is the tagline '#DiscoverYour73%'; research by the company found that their users were only aware of around 27% of businesses they matched with prior to using the site. That's an astonishing demographic of people and companies out there that are yet to be acquainted - with Magnet.me hoping, and so far successfully achieving, to bridge the gap.

With a guerilla-marketing style, Magnet.me relies on brand ambassadors to engage with students personally at their university campuses. They believe that this is more effective than the objective approach of some of their recruitment rivals, and I'm inclined to agree. So far they have launched their strategy at campuses all across the UK including Bath, Southampton, Surrey, Durham and Edinburgh with great success. Everything with this company is tailored to the tee, with the chosen universities individually selected based on their employer demand and academic ranking.

To hear more about Magnet.me, check out our video interview with Vincent below.


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