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Instagram Release Data on '50 Most Instagrammed Places in America'

Figuring out which parts of America to visit during an extended stay there, or a big road trip? Travel guides are all well and good, but you might be better off consulting the good folks over at Instagram. In an exclusive piece for Time, they shared their data on the top 50 most posted/shared locations across the United States.

It makes for an interesting spread. The typical tourist hot spots are accounted for, such as Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, The Grand Canyon and Disneyland, but beyond that there are sports stadiums, parks, markets, bars, university campuses and lesser known beauty spots. There are over 100 million Instagram users in the States, with an ever increasing age variation, so the data is certainly trustworthy, as well as providing an interesting blueprint for the popularity of American landmarks and pass times.

What it also demonstrates is the balance between places that are simply so beautiful that visitors feel compelled to 'gram, compared to places which actively encourage their visitors to do it through promotional means. The Harpoon Riverbend Taps and Garden in Vermont, for example, likely appears in the top 50 because the Harpoon Brewery are enormously social media savvy, and do a great deal to promote all their establishments on Instagram and other platforms. The Riverbend probably wins out because it's located in a very picturesque area, so there's the balance coming in again.

As far as the lesser known beauty spots (at least to the people not native to the state) go, a large share of the influx is almost certainly credited to the ever building wave of professional photographers who ply their trade on Instagram. It hasn't been a purely casual platform for a long time, but the simplicity of the interface, colossal user base and promotional potential have made it a mainstay in professional showcasing. Obviously, many pros try their utmost to venture off the beaten track to find the best shots, but eventually frequency is going to win out and professionally patronised spots are going to rise to contention.

It would be interesting to know what the figures look like for other countries, particularly in areas like Eastern Europe and Africa, as I imagine the results would give you a really good insight into how Instagram fits into less familiar cultures.

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