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Hoaxers Shamed on Twitter by London Fire Brigade

During the festive season, almost every year without fail, the London Fire Brigade are subjected to an onslaught of hoax calls. Fire departments are obliged to take every call seriously and send out a full response team, which means that every time they answer a fake call, huge sums of money and human resources are wasted. It's not an easy issue to solve, but thanks to Twitter, a means of discouragement has emerged.

The LFB have started publicly calling out anyone who hoax calls them using the platform, opening the perpetrators up to a barrage of much deserved ridicule and chiding. To shoot the posts up the ranks, they have been using the #12DaysXmas hashtag as a banner for them. One of their first victims was a woman who asked them to warm up her baby's milk.

Not all the calls are intended hoaxes, and the campaign is as much about spreading awareness of what constitutes the need for the fire brigade and what really, really doesn't. Most commonly, people have called because they've gotten stuck in something, like a fence or a toilet seat. Another recent caller said he had managed to get 5 rings stuck on his penis. Equally, calls about pets or other animals that might be trapped or causing issue frequently warrant an unnecessary call to the LFB, when really it's the RSPCA who are equipped to deal with such things.

The tweets are amusing in theme and structure, but the message is abundantly clear. The LFB have 112,000 followers on Twitter, which is a relatively limited reach, but the nature of the tweets almost guarantees that they'll get signal boosted, and hopefully a few less fire engines will end up parked next to houses that aren't even slightly on fire.

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