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#HarrisonFord's Smooth #Comeback To #DonaldTrump's Comments - @HarrisonFordLA

Donald Trump really is getting some attention this week, but this time it got a great response. During an interview with the politician, the mention of soon to be released Star Wars: The Force Awakens caused Trump to share his love for actor Harrison Ford.

He mentioned particularly his role as US president James Marshall in Air Force One in 1997. He referred to his famous line when addressing the Russian hijacker 'Get off my plane'. Trump took it as far as saying 'I love Harrison Ford - and not just because he rents my properties. He stood up for America'. 

When this eventually reached the actor's ears, his response was just priceless. I am not sure if Trump's statement was intentional or not, but Ford's reaction hit the nail on the head. 'It's a movie, Donald. It was a movie' was what he said after hearing Donald Trump speak about the film. Harrison Ford was being interviewed by an Australian morning show when he put Trump straight.

The actor clearly does not have much of a liking for the republican as he completed his statement with 'It's not like this in real life. But how would you know?' Some would say, harsh, others and most have just taken it as it is. Ford does not need to ask for attention. He's famous, a great actor and he most definitely is not doing this for the likes.

This was clearly something he needed to get off his chest. It has sparked a few debates about Ford as a person, as some claim he is just putting Trump down and not appreciating the comments. Well Trump did say that Ford stood up to America when it was the character who did. But like I said, most people have loved the comeback.
Others were a little more reluctant however.

What is it this week with characters being confused with the actors? Just the other day Facebook called John Boyega's Star Wars character, Finn, African American, then British when in the end they were talking about the actor himself anyway. And now this. I know that some people's performances are great but if we said that every actor is their various characters then Cumberbatch and Redmayne are going to be in for a treat soon.

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