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#Fashion #Photographer @PetraCollins Harnesses #Instagram to Promote 'Real Beauty'

If the term 'real beauty' sounds somewhat familiar, it's because the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' has been one of Dove's signature weapons since 2004. The landmark campaign was heavily praised and is credited with catapulting the hygiene company into an advertising behemoth, a wave they've been riding ever since, attracting yet more positive press with their more recent #LikeAGirl campaign.

It didn't stop at Dove though, with the rise of photographically based social media, more and more groups and individuals have been finding ways to undercut the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the modelling industry. The latest to join the ranks is someone who has plenty of first hand experience of the more airbrushed side of things - Petra Collins.

Collins is a fashion photographer, and at 22 years old she's already a pretty big deal, having shot for Vogue, Vice, Urban Outfitters and Purple Magazine, to name a few. She's also courted her fair share of controversy, having created a line of shirts for American Apparel which featured images of masturbation, bare breasts and menstrual blood. It sounds needlessly graphic, but the idea was to confront people with imagery that, while typically private, is natural.

Similarly, her Instagram account was previously deleted because she posted a picture of her waistline with some of her pubic hair visible above her bikini bottoms. This caused something of a stir at the time, since it didn't directly violate any of the platforms terms and conditions. If she gets banned again this time though, we'll really know something is up.

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In-keeping with the 'real beauty' theme, Collins has started posting images of women photographed without any post manipulation of any kind, so all the 'imperfections' are still present and correct, sometimes even focused on. The shots are all still very artful in the way they're lit, posted and presented, but nothing has been done to accentuate the natural beauty of the models, or cover up anything that others might consider unattractive.

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Some people haven't responded all that favorably to these new images, but in a message on the account, Collins challenged anyone who took issue with them to simply unfollow her. "there's no room for more hate and shaming here." she says. "This is not just about me but about all the amazing girls/women/whatever I photograph that deserve to be celebrated and represented."

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