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Facebook Offices Vandalised in Hamburg

The Guardian
Facebook field criticism and ridicule hundreds, if not thousands of times a day, but when it starts to cross over into real life, people start paying a bit more attention. Earlier in the year, Facebook's Tel Aviv office was targeted by anti-violence protesters, who made banners accusing Facebook of having blood on their hands. This time around, it's their Hamburg office which has fallen victim to vandalism, but the motivation is far less distinct.

The Tel Aviv incident can only loosely be characterised as vandalism, but there's no getting around the term in this instance. Glass was smashed, paint was thrown and the words 'facebook dislike' were sprayed onto a wall. Supposedly somewhere between 15 and 20 people were involved in the attack, but beyond that there's very little certainty.

The actual motivation of the attack is just as unclear, given the vagueness of the message. Some have suggested that it related to the investigation into Facebook currently underway in Germany, regarding their alleged refusal to remove hate speech. Said hate speech feeds into national concerns about an uptick in racism as more and more refugees arrive in Germany. The investigation is one of many schisms between Facebook and the EU, mostly relating to either offensive content or excessive monitoring.

Most publications who have reported on this cited the investigation as the more likely motivation, but it could equally have been to do with any number of other things, from tax avoidance to data mining. Hell, it could have even been another clamor for a dislike button, highly unlikely I know, but it's almost completely open ended at this point. Whether or not anyone comes forward, or the attack is repeated elsewhere, could end up determining why this happened, but equally this could be the last anyone hears of it.

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